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The Ancient Practice of Yoga

November 18, 2010

Jeffrey Paine currently presides as President of Jupiter Asset Recovery, conducting business as U.S. Asset Recovery. Through the thriving Florida firm, Jeffrey Paine facilitates the recovery of surplus funds resulting from government-imposed tax deed sales throughout the United States. Effectively serving more than 100 domestic and international clients annually, Jeffrey Paine offers superior options backed by veteran experience. Jeffrey Paine has provided exceptional commercial and residential work through the agency since founding it in 2006. Beyond his passion for business, Jeffrey Paine also enjoys participating in a number of recreational activities. Among them, Jeffrey Paine remains a devotee of the ancient practice of yoga. – The practice of yoga originated in India, gaining relatively recent popularity in the West. – The original word “yoga” derives from Sanskrit. Many possible translations of the original word exist. – Yoga is a physical and a mental discipline present in various incarnations through a number of traditional meditative practices, including Hinduism and Buddhism. Traditional yoga includes a strong philosophical element. – Yoga may have developed from an early form of ritual discipline. – Most people associate yoga with the physical positions employed in the practice. The word “asana” refers both to a particular posture within yoga as well as to the specific location in which the posture is realized. – A “yogi” or “yogini” denotes an individual who has attained a high degree of mastery within the discipline of yoga. – The Islamic sect of Sufism has appropriated certain elements of yoga. However, the act of meditation within Islamic practices remains an element of debate among Muslims. – Protestant and Catholic leaders have typically held strong reservations concerning the practice of yoga. – A number of widely held positive objectives for the discipline of yoga exist among its practitioners. Among them, yoga is engaged for the purposes of increasing balance, flexibility, strength, and energy; improving sleep; reducing stress; and generally promoting advanced health and well being. Traditionally, people employ yoga for metaphysical and alternative medicine purposes.


Jeffrey Paine

November 4, 2010

If a homeowner fails to pay property taxes, the county often auctions the property to raise the funds to cover the unpaid taxes. However, many homeowners do not realize that they are entitled to any excess money from the sale. Jeffrey Paine strives to ensure that home and property owners receive their due compensation. Although the county is required to notify the owner of the property after a sale, it generally sends a letter to the last tax-paying address that an individual or family used, and the letter is often lost. Jeffrey Paine, owner and President of Jupiter Asset Recovery, works diligently to inform home and property owners of their unclaimed funds or to find those who have a claim to the money. Drawing on years of experience in multiple legal disciplines, Jeffrey Paine helps hundreds of families and individuals each year get the money they are owed. Jeffrey Paine and Jupiter Asset Recovery operate on a contingent fee basis, and any legal costs are deducted from the company’s percentage of reclaimed money. Jeffrey Paine graduated from The Ohio State University in 1966 with a Bachelor of Science in History. As a student, Jeffrey Paine balanced concentrated academic study with physical excellence. As a mid-distance and freestyle swimmer for the university, he helped his team win an NCAA title. At the school’s homecoming game against Purdue University this year, Jeffrey Paine organized a reunion of the team that brought Ohio State to victory. A former President of the American Jewish Committee’s Boca Raton Chapter, Jeffrey Paine was recently reappointed to the South Florida Chapter’s Board of Directors. Jeffrey Paine has served in the organization for 10 years, leading a number of successful fundraising campaigns and representing the organization during an annual conference in Washington DC.